42.195km Finisher !

I ran my own race, a full marathon for my 2nd time in the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2007. It was a fun race for me but painful for my knees and my legs were aching upon the completion of my run.

My own race, a life journey, whereby pain is something that I have to endure, drawing parallels with my career and life. Determination and lots of guts are required for the completion of a wonderful personal race.

In life, our BIGGEST enemy is OURSELF. Conquer our own fears and doubts and we would be able to lead a better and happier life and career too ! I am still learning and would always seek to learn something new and renew my knowledge constantly. Have I conquered my fears and doubts ? I have not conquered all yet, however, it had gradually reduced.

Folks, presenting my memories from my marathon run …..


I would like to thank Jack and CJ, great blokes, my marathon training buddies. Especially to Jack, who developed a training scheme that gave me better physical conditioning as compared to last year.

Folks, do contemplate taking up a full marathon, it would be an enlightening journey for you.


  1. Congratulations on finishing the marathon!

  2. Thanks for your well wishes !

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