Advanced Christmas Gift for Myself

Things that we own and use, go through wear and tear over time. Therefore, there would be always be occasions when we have to replace them.

Coincidentally, it is coming to Christmas month and I need to buy new hiking boots for my upcoming trekking trip with my alumni Dragon Scout Group.

I ended up at HarbourFront Outdoors retail outlet operated by World of Sports and got myself a pair of Hi-Tec Hiking Boots at a good discount price !!! Besides that, I took the opportunity to sign up for the membership, giving me discount opportunities in the future. Not only did I get free (football + water bottle + socks) gifts, HarbourFront also started Christmas gifts lucky draw and I got myself 2 cups and a comic book + a lucky draw chance for winning a car !

In a few hours time , I would be leaving for a trekking trip, do stay tune ! When I return, I would write up about my adventures.


  1. Looking forward to read your advantures journey

  2. Hi keeyit,

    Thanks for dropping by ! Do keep a lookout for my adventure reporting !

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