Adventure Trip Synposis – Mount Kinabalu Expedition

Dear Readers,

I am back ! If you all recall my last posting on my advanced Christmas shopping items, where was I actually heading to for trekking ?

The answer is Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

I decided to participate in this particular expedition because it was organised by Pac West Travel for Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, to celebrate her 85th Anniversary Celebrations and it is a “pilgrimage” for Dragon Scouts to trek up to the summit of Mount Kinabalu, Dragon Scout Group went up there for its past celebration events too!

Mount Kinabalu is a very beautiful mountain to visit and highly respected for its terrain, challenges and altitude. Nevertheless, the mountain range and peaks give all of us peace, tranquility, determination, bravery, courage and lots of beautiful memories of Mother Nature.

In the upcoming posts, I would write up on my daily travels and adventures:

(1) Day 1 : Singapore – Senai – Kota Kinabalu
(2) Day 2: Kota Kinabalu – Kiulu River – Rose Cabin
(3) Day 3: Rose Cabin – Timophon Gate – Laban Rata
(4) Day 4: Laban Rata – Low’s Peak – Laban Rata – Rose Cabin – Kota Kinabalu
(5) Day 5: Kota Kinabalu – Senai – Singapore

Do keep a look out, folks !

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