9th August 2007: 42nd National Day Parade @ Marina Bay

National Day 2007 @ Marina Bay will definitely be remembered by many Singaporeans as a special year of celebrations in its 42 years of history.

Our NDP was celebrated at the Marina Bay for the first time and there was a floating platform for the parade and performances, besides that, there were also many interesting events around the Marina Bay, making National Day celebrations 1 month long instead of just the actual day itself.

I joined my colleague Karen and her friends at the Esplanade Promenade, watching the parade and fireworks segments, soaking in with many many people around the Marina Bay area. It was a great atmosphere and there were quite a number of people who went there early to get a good location to watch the parade segment and fireworks.

We waited there for a few hours (Karen and her group was there much earlier) and got ourselves enjoying the hot sun, talking away and relaxing. When evening approaches, we prepared for the parade action proper to take place.

The pre-parade segment started and the adventure began:

Super Puma dropping off the Red Lions Parachuters

We are in the middle of the sky!

Arrival of the Chinnok carrying our National Flag , escorted by 4 Apaches

F16s saluting the Nation

Our Chinnok blessing the viewers with “holy water”

Floating lanterns


My fireworks taken on NDP 2007 was not really up to my standards, disappointed with the photos taken, needs to maintain a better consistency and improvements on taking fireworks. Do drop by my flickr home page and take a look at more photos!

At the end of the day, it was great fun and Happy National Day !


  1. Yo cousin!

    Your fireworks looks great! Very sharp and clear! Amazing!!

    Perhaps having some foreground/background structures in the pix will give it more depth and feeling.

    Just my humble opinion! Was shooting with my Panasonic compact camera. 🙂

  2. Hi Cousin !

    Thanks for dropping by & reading my posts!

    I totally agree with you on your pt on having some other backgrounds. My “zeroing” wasn’t that accurate that night.

    I love fireworks !!!

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