DSG 85th Anniversary Dinner Celebrations ~ Spirit of the Red and Green

Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, with a proud, illustrious and rich history of 85 years, celebrated their 85th Anniversary celebrartions at the Riverwalk Tandoori Restaurant, celebrating the Spirit of the Red and Green.

Preparations for this wonderful event took place a few months back and the hard work paid off to make this dinner a wonderful night of fun, laughter, friendship and joy.

Dragon Scouts of the Past, Present and Future came together to mark an important date in the Dragon Scouting history. Our Guests-of-Honour, DSG Old Boy Cheng Kiong and Mr Victor Giam, GESS Head Coach were very kind to grace this wonderful occassion and being part of the fun and celebrations.

The event was packed with fun and activities. Specially designed bookmarks and pens were given to the attendees. 85 lucky draw prizes were made available for all attending this event and lucky draw prizes were drawn from pulling either a red or green balloon down and reading the number written on top. The Emcees of the night, Samantha, Arjun and Jie Sheng did a great job to keep the crowd entertained and lively.

Since it was our 85th Anniversary Celebrations, we specially ordered a birthday cake, that was produced from the 85th Anniversary Dragon Scout Group badge. Our guests-of-honour were invited to the front, along with Dragon Chapter Ex-Co Chairman, Thye San, GSL Hongliang and the youngest Sec 1 boy scout. Being 85 years old, there were quite a number of candles to blow off and there were 5 short candles that won’t be blown off after many attempts. DSG Old Boy Cheng Kiong gave us his words of wisdom, “the flame will never die off and the spirit and fire of Dragon Scouting will burn forever”.

While everybody was enjoying their sliced cake, GSL Hongliang took the time and opportunity to thank the following leaders for their contributions to Dragon Scout Group:

(1) Wei Yang (currently in Australia)

(2) Jonning

(3) Wei Liang

(4) Yong Kok

(5) SreeGanesh

Soon, it was time for the dinner to come to an end. We had our traditional group photo taking before wrapping up the 85th Anniversary Dinner.

Let us all celebrate the Spirit of the Red and Green, and keep the Dragon Scouting flame burning forever. Onward Dragon Scouts !

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