Dedicated to 85th Anniversary Dinner Commitee

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this special posting to my 85th Anniversary Dinner Commitee members.

They comprised of Kevin Kung, SreeGanesh, Alex and Aixia.

During December 2006, I was invited by my Dragon Chapter Ex-Co Chairman, Thye San, to represent the Dragon Chapter in assisting Dragon Scout Group to help out in the planning/consultancy/project management for the 85th Anniversary Celebrations. It was a great honour to be working on our 85th Anniversary Celebrations (85th Campfire and 85th Dinner) because I was also involved in our 70th Anniversary in 1993 (when the founding year was based on 1923).

In our past few months of preparation and meetings, we had our fair share of fun, fatigue and crazy ideas. Nevertheless, we all managed to come together, combining our different eras of ideologies and working styles, and presenting an awesome, wonderful and unforgettable dinner celebration for all those related to the Dragon Scouting family and history.

Thank you all so much for this project management experience. Keep the Dragon Scouting Fire and the Spirit of the Red and Green burning forever.


  1. 85th Anniversary Dinner rocks!

    – John of Leopard Patrol 07

  2. Hi John,

    85th Dinner rocks!

    Pass it on, the spirit & passion of the Red and Green!



  3. JingHui,
    thank you!!!!
    work together again soon yea?


  4. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for leaving a mark here and to DSG too !

    There would be opportunities to work together again, definitely !



  5. Aww man I missed all the good stuff. Onward!
    – Prash(from cold cold Minnesota)

  6. Hi Prash,

    You left a historical mark in the 85th Annivesary Dinner with your wonderful interview and testimonial, viewed by the DSG family.

    Good luck in your studies & Onward Dragon Scouts !

  7. Oh I wonder what i actually said!!!

  8. previous post was from me, have a different name on google. well i’m glad it was a success, Onward!

  9. Hi Prash,

    I was initially confused by 2 different comment postings but saw u posting again !

    How’s studies in US ? Study hard & play hard too !

    Keep in touch with DSG ! Onward DSG !

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