A 7:07:59pm Sunset in Singapore

This sunset was taken from Faber Point, at 7:07:59pm on 17th January 2009, Mount Faber in Singapore, overlooking the southern part of Singapore. I was there with my alumni group, the Dragon Scout Group who were there at the top of Mount Faber, for the end point for their amazing race event.

I would be writing up on the Dragon Scout Group Amazing Race 2009 soon ! Keep a look out here !

Meanwhile, do drop by my flickr for more photos of the sunset from Mount Faber !


  1. So much beauty here…the silhouette of hills, the clouds, the birds(?). Very nice!

  2. Awesome shot!!! Really beautiful.. The sun behind clouds and different shades all over the sky.. really it looks so good….

  3. Nice shot,looking great. In particular the deem sun behind clouds. Great job done!

  4. I have not seen any sunlight these days! PLS borrow some to me! 😛

  5. Author

    Hi earthtoholly

    Thanks for dropping by here and leaving your kind comments !

    I loved the sunset too ….. & yes ….. you spotted the birds !

  6. Author

    Hi Gaurav

    Thanks for your kind comments ! Glad that you liked this sunset photo !

  7. Author

    Hi Tech Review

    Thanks ! Do drop by often ! Thanks for your kind comments too !

  8. Author

    Hi iWalk

    Just pop by into my blog & flickr and you get lots of sunshine !

    Spending time with your family during this Chinese Lunar New Year will bring you the sunshine in winter ! 😉

  9. Author

    Hi roentarre

    Yes, indeed, always love to take sunsets, Mother Nature is so beautiful and amazing !

  10. Author

    Hi Thess

    Thanks for dropping by ! Glad that you like this photo !

  11. wow… such a lovely sunset… nice shot…

  12. Author

    Hi miah

    Thanks for dropping by !!! It was a lovely sunset indeed, i was admiring the sunset while busily snapping away !

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