Volvo Ocean Race Singapore Carnival – 17th Jan 2009

The Volvo Ocean Race was in Singapore for a while, as a stopover for repairs, shore leave and a first for Singapore to be a major stopover with a the Volvo Ocean Race Singapore Carnival from 8th January 2009 to 18th January 2009. There were publicity from the television, media and newspaper coverage of this competitive world sailing race.

I went down today, on the 17th January 2009, with today’s theme is “Celebrating Youth”, on the 16th January 2009, the theme was “Scout’s Day” and a few of my junior leaders from the Dragon Scout Group were there to help out, however, it was difficult for me to drop down and be with them and giving them support while viewing the carnival too.

Although this was not my first time to Sentosa Cove, there were many changes and developments over the years. When I reached the Volvo Ocean Race Singapore Carnival, there weren’t that many people there, considering that it was a Saturday, it was not as crowded that I would be expecting. There was also a Straits Times article today, that the organisers were disappointed with the turnout of the visitors numbers to the Volvo Ocean Race Carnival, after reading the article, I agreed with them on their points brought up.

Oh, by the way, the carnival has a great shuttle service that the public does not know, regular shuttle service from Seah Im Interchange and Beach Station were not announced on the websites nor the newspapers.

Nevertheless, I believed the Volvo Ocean Race Singapore Carnival would be a great sporting and tourism event for Singapore. Although the visitor crowds were not as ideal, there could only be improvements to the carnival in the near future.

I would like to see –

(1) Access (with controls) to the pontoons that the competition sailing boats were moored, thus allowing photographers like me to have a close up view of them and taking more photographs.

(2) Getting the Scouts Day theme to fall on a Saturday, this would definitely get more crowds coming in.

(3) More interactive events for the visitors to participate and enjoy.

(4) Opportunity to board the sailing ships.

I hope to see them back in Singapore again ! Do drop by my flickr for more photos !


  1. It’s great to know it will come to QingDao. 🙂

    I think Volvo is very smart to support this kind of carnival. It’s always a big news though maybe not too many visitors.

    The topics about ocean and sea always have relationship with dream. 🙂

  2. Author

    Hi iWalk

    Do keep a lookout for the Volvo Ocean Race coming to QingDao ! It would be big news !

    Yes, agree with you, our forefathers sail across the seas to many different parts of the world to explore their dreams !

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