A Carnival & Walkabout Day for the Dogs !

Doggies day out, a day of fun, play, running & networking for doggies, Singapore’s National Dog Walk and Carnival 2010, held at West Coast Park on 5th September 2010, was a fun day for all doggie lovers, owners and their beloved dogs! Although the day was rather wet from the early morning rain, it did not deter the owners and their dogs coming down for a day of fun and walk.

Since I lived near to West Coast Park and with my love for dogs, I packed up my gear and took a slow walk towards West Coast Park, caught the dogs in competitive action, enjoyed watching them. There were many different dog breeds, shapes and sizes, all really cute, adorable, playful and friendly. When the walk started, began walking with the main group as well, with my camera and not without my family dog, the Japanese Spitz.

However, after a short distance, I decided to head back to the start/end point, preparing to catch the dogs and their owners finishing their short walk and taking the chance to take more photos. The dogs were pretty tired after a short walk, some just lied down and didn’t move much while some dog owners brought them to the pool and play with water. The dog owners and dog lovers were crowding around and resting together, thus it was a great time for dogs photography !

While taking photos of different dogs, it was also an opportunity for me to be up close & friendly with some of those lovely furry and friendly dogs, patting them and playing with them, dogs are very good companions and whenever I am feeling down, they would always be there for you. Check out more of my National Dog Walk and Carnival photos here !

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