A Different Shooting Location – A Different Perspective

On 12th July 2008, it’s National Education Show 2, another fun filled day of NDP 2008 rehearsal. I decided to drop down again and this time round, I decided I needed a different shooting location, to have a different perspective.

The location I decided to set up my camera and location was on the Esplanade Bridge, with a wide angle view of the Esplanade, Marina Bayfront and Merlion Park. I happened to bump into another fellow photographer, Billy, whom I met at Vivo last week.
A fresh challenge, different views, lovely opportunities. The weather today was excellent and the show was a lot more energetic and exciting, building up to our upcoming nation’s birthday.

Presenting to you, some of the selected photos of National Education Show 2, from the Esplanade Bridge.

Do check out my other photos on my flickr site !

Hope you all enjoy it ! Counting down to NDP 2008 !


  1. I loved the photos. Great captures.

    JJ 😀

  2. We really want a different point of view.:)
    Good Job,JH!

  3. Hi JJ 😀 !

    THanks for dropping by & leaving your kind comments !

  4. Hi iWalk !

    Yes, a different point of view and I love it ! Something different !

  5. Sorry, i’ve deleted my previous comment beacuse of a typo 🙂

    For an european people with not a great knowledge about Asia, reading your blog is very interesting.

    Congrats and keep up the good work !

  6. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your kind compliments ! If I am able to share and exchange with friends from all over the world on Asia, I would be more than happy to do so !

    It also gives me the opportunity to learn about Europe from your blog too !

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