A DSG Family BBQ Gathering

This is not your normal extended family BBQ gathering. 

This is a special and unique because of the history of Dragon Scout Group that was founded in 1922 and on the 30th May 2009, there were approximate 30 years of Dragon Scouting present there at the BBQ gathering. With such a rich history, it was an awesome gathering event that different eras of Dragon Scouting history came back and reflected and shared their wonderful scouting memories.


My leaders who taught me scouting skills and life skills when I was a young boy scout were present to be with us for this gathering and to reinforce what Hongliang said, we all appreciate our leaders who were a role model for us and taught us many scouting skills and life skills. 

It was a great BBQ with many nice food, prepared by Yong Kok, Junqi and Melissa and Teck Chong too, all of them played a key role to make this gathering event a success and I sincerely thank them for their efforts ! I couldn’t eat the BBQ because I was running my Sundown Marathon a few hours later after the BBQ. For more photos of this BBQ gathering, do drop by my flickr site


Looking forward, this event will be significant and stronger ties will be built between the young boys and girls of Dragon Scout Group, the Rovers, Leaders and Chapters of the Dragon Scout Group family. For more photos of Dragon Scout Group events, do drop by my flickr site !


Moving forward, let’s all keep the spirit of Dragon Scouting burning brightly and strongly and forever. Onward Dragon Scouts !


  1. It’s so good to belong to such a “family”. 🙂

  2. Author

    Yes, it’s very special and proud to belong to this “family” !

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