A Sneak Preview of Halloween Horror Nights 5

Welcome once again to Halloween Horror Nights, this is year 2015, the 5th edition. I would like to warmly welcome you to a sneak peak of Halloween Horror Nights 5 at Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa, through my stories and photos.


Halloween Horror Nights 5 will take place from 2nd to 31st October 2015 on select nights. Let me bring you through the fun, horror and excitement that you are able to see, feel and enjoy at Halloween Horror Nights 5! There are 3 immersive scare zones and 4 haunted houses. Of the 4 haunted houses, 3 are locally themed and I am pretty sure you can relate to the local scary flavour and taste.Halloween Horror Nights 2015

Photo Courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

Now is the time for you to purchase tickets online, here is the link! Before you start your Halloween Horror Nights adventure, remember to downloadthe digital guide or grab the 2015 survival guide!


Walking into the Universal Studios Singapore, the blood moon welcomes you to Halloween Horror Nights 2015, you are now ready to begin your horror and fun adventure (in the order of haunted houses and scare zones that you like). Take the first step inside to enjoy the aftermath of the blood moon, witness the chaos that the blood moon brought upon to the world, the evil and darkness worlds occupying Halloween Horror Nights 2015.

Haunted House – Siloso Gateway Block 50

The HDB heartland is an icon that many Singaporeans and visitors alike can relate to. At Siloso Gateway Block 50, the HHN-5 virus has turned the residents of the HDB Block into rampaging, flesh eating zombies! Are you able to get away in time from the zombies that want to eat your flesh?


Haunted House – Tunnel People

Hiding and living in the darkness, below the ground and in the passageways, the Tunnel People are getting ready to rise along with the rise of the Blood Moon. Can you feel your way out of the tunnels, can you spot them, can you avoid them?

Scare Zone – The Invaders

The Horde, a gargantuan ET race, has invaded Earth with the help of the eclipse. They are ugly looking and ruthless monsters. Can you spot their portal? Can you see them swamping our cities and laying waste to them?


Scare Zone – conTERMINATED

This is a secret colony, code-named Sector #5. It’s Top Secret! Set up by the Government to quarantine the deformed and the diseased. They are left behind to fend for themselves, to survive on their own and they loved their oppressors blood, they lust for them. The Blood Moon is raising their mood and strength to an all time high, they are now feverish and want more bloodlust. Are you able to walk through without being lusted upon by the people from Sector #5 ?


Scare Zone – Hungry Ghosts

They are always in the Seventh Lunar Month, eternally and forever, it can’t be changed, all thanks to the Blood Moon wreaking havoc on the Lunar Calendar. This village is forsaken and the villagers perform rituals of the Hungry Ghost Festival every night. Can you walk in and walk out of this village without getting stuck forever in the Seventh Lunar Month? Walk and you will know the answer to your question.


Haunted House – Hell House

A big and bright house welcomes you inside, everything is made of paper. Please remember to make yourself at home, the Paper Servants of the Effigy House are wide awake from the power of the Blood Moon. It is going to be very hot because everything inside is going to be burnt. Can you take the extreme heat?


Haunted House – True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT

The MRT train is a very widely used and popular public transport in Singapore. There is one underground train station built at a Malay burial site, there is a curse bestowed upon them. Now it has fulfilled and risen with the arrival of the Blood Moon. Toyols, hantu rayas and pontianaks are now exploring the MRT trains and tunnels, to stalk for victims. Walking along the tracks, you go back in time, to meet the author of the curse and his murderous henchmen. Can you walk back out and return back to the future safely?


Congratulations, you made it! You survived Halloween Horror Nights 2015! Time to continue your night of fun and excitement with the 10 rides, shows and attractions inside Universal Studios Singapore! Halloween Horror Nights 2015 has a good mix of both fun and horor, with a good mix of local scary flavour. Give yourself a good pat, hug your friends and continue to have fun at Resorts World Sentosa!

I would like to thank Resorts World Sentosa Singapore for the invitation to the preview of Halloween Horror Nights 2015.

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