Coney Island is now open to the public

Coney Island, formerly known as Pulau Serangoon, is now open to the public. I remembered Coney Island in the 90s when it was a camping spot for canoe trips and I didn’t manage to join any of the canoe trips. Around the Coney Island region, it is also a popular spot for jet ski too. I didn’t know much about the history of Coney Island, at the moment, Coney Island earliest history records showed it was owned by the Aw family that built Haw Par Villa in the 1930s. If I am able to gather more information from my research, I would do an update in another article after I visit Coney Island again at a later date for more photography and nature walk.

With huge developments around the North East part of Singapore, Sengkang and Punggol Housing Estates. The 50ha Coney Island was kind of forgotten for sometime, closed to the public. On 10th October 2015, it was officially opened to the public, became part of the National Parks (Nparks) Park Connector Network (PCN) and added to the list of Nature Parks in Singapore. The Singapore Government has some plans in place for Coney Island, residential, recreational, sport and nature. At this point in time, Coney Island is not immediately required for development, therefore, it will be kept as a Nature Park for now. I am hoping that Coney Island will not go through any developments at all, leave it as she is now, a Nature Park with beautiful greenery and outdoors for leisure and recreational use in Singapore. You can walk, jog, cycle, relax and enjoy Coney Island, besides that, it is also a place for wildlife to stay too.



When I read the news that Coney Island was going to be officially open to the public on 10th October 2015, I decided to visit and explore Coney Island. My fellow social media friend, HP, came along with me too in exploring Coney Island. Although Singapore is a very small country, she has her greenery and outdoors too! Coney Island is off mainland Singapore, seperated by two bridges (entrances to Coney Island) on the west and east end of Coney Island and a small stretch of the sea.



Hiking inside the forest wonderland, strolling along the beach, this was a really peaceful and tranquil exploration. I was enjoying this beautiful green destination along with leisure walkers, joggers, cyclists, photographers, nature lovers. I was trying to spot the wildlife, they were shy yesterday on the 10th October 2015 and I only managed to spot the Brahminy Kites and an Egret, nevertheless, I hope to spot more wildlife and photograph them when I return again to explore Coney Island, a destination for me to relax and be away from the hustle and bustle crazy rat race environment in Singapore.

I would love to be strolling along the beach of Coney Island enjoying the sea breeze, listening to the waves coming onto the shore, or walking among the tall dreamy green forest. I hope to spot the beautiful birds staying there, listening to their chirping and singing. As a photographer, the lalang fields, tall grasslands and green forest make ideal and interesting locations for outdoor theme shoots such as outdoor wedding or fashion shoot.



Take a look at some of the photographs that I took on Coney Island, on my Flickr account. For more information on Coney Island, check out Nparks website! I haven’t fully explore Coney Island and I hope to go back again, to enjoy the greenery, the outdoors, the peace and tranquility.

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