A Wet Rehearsal on 19th July 2008

For those readers who had been following my photoblog postings, I had been attending the NDP 2008 Rehearsals, taking photos from different locations and angles. Personally, I found it to be very interesting, great opportunites to take photos, examining and analysing different shooting locations for the various performances from the land, air and sea.

There is always something new, something different. Before this rehearsal, it came to my attention that my friend was part of the Guard of Honour marching contingent. Decided to meet my old friend and catch up with him at Suntec City before the Ceremonial Flags uncasing ceremony. Took some photos for him, chit chat before he went to prepare and I went down to get into a position for the Ceremonial Flags uncasing ceremony, that was available to be watched by members of the public.

The uncasing ceremony is a very important and solemn ceremony for the military forces and especially during our National Day Parade, whereby we would be to view the various military formations. As I was brought up in a environment whereby I learned the importance of maintaining and following traditions, since my scouting days. The Ceremonial Flags uncasing ceremony is very important and solemn, I strongly urge the public viewers to show the utmost respect for the ceremony when the ceremony is being conducted.

Thereafter, I walked over to the Esplanade to catch the pre-parade segment, and I realised that if I wanted to catch the pre-parade after catching the Ceremonial Flags uncasing ceremony, you might be missing out on them if you do not walked fast enough over in time and it might be very crowded on the actual day itself.

The weather was very dark, a wet weather evening. The F16s Black Knights air display was changed from the past few rehearsals and it was a very refreshing, new and challenging perspective to take photos of them in top class action, given the dark gloomy rain clouds.

While waiting for the fireworks to arrive, the rain started pouring down on us, it wasn’t heavy rain but the winds were a little bit strong and blowing into our face, I was at the Esplanade Bridge and I was quite wet eventually. A lot of people started leaving due to the rain, I persisted, praying for rain to stop. It didn’t but I continued and took the first set of fireworks. By then, I decided that I needed to pack up and rush over to SMU & National Museum for the Singapore Night Festival and I needed to get myself dry first.

And off I went ……… to the Singapore Night Festival @ SMU and National Museum …….. coming up in the next post !

Stay tuned !


  1. I really like your photojournalistic style. Great work

  2. Hi roentarre,

    A big thank you for your kind comments here !

    It is an awesome endorsement for me, I would continue my personal unique photojournalistic style, and share my photos, adventure with people from all over the world !

    You have very nice photos too ! Do keep posting and sharing !

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