Studio Festi @ Singapore Night Festival ~ 19th July 2008

The National Museum of Singapore organised its first Night Festival at the National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Management University Campus Green, with a dazzling and extraordinary performance by Studio Festi from Italy, with the theme of their magnificent performance, Dancing Sky.

I rushed there after taking the first set of fireworks from the Esplanade Bridge earlier, met up with my Cousin Ching Ching at the Singapore Arts Museum before crossing over to the SMU Camp us Green, even though we were early, it was getting crowded with many people, we just made our way and could only stay on the Campus Green side, apparently, was quite a great view of the various performances actually.

When the performances started, the people there were given an awesome display of artistic aerial performance, fitting to their theme, Dancing Sky. For greater details of the various different performances, do look into the National Museum of Singapore website and have a deeper understanding ……..
Meanwhile …….. let my photos speak
After a first half of fantastic action, the performances from the National Museum of Singapore turned towards the SMU Campus Green, where we were standing, therefore, we turned around and enjoyed the second half of the Night Festival……..
It was a very enjoyable night for photo taking, do drop by my flickr site for more photos from my time enjoying Dancing Sky at Studio Festi.


  1. Very nice, Jinghui. You’ve captured the magical feeling of this performance.


  2. Great syncretize with science and art, And you catch the magic atmosphere.

    Remind me the Flying Apsaras in Dunhuang Murals:)

  3. The night festival looks really cool and your well taken photos really show off the event very well. great work!

  4. Great shots Jinghui, they really captured the feel of the event. They would be great as marketing material for the festival!


  6. You took great photos of the event! I use a small digi camera and the photos didn’t turn out good. 🙁

  7. Your pictures are lovely and I’m sure the conditions were difficult. Wish I was there 🙂

  8. Hi Bobbie,

    The performance was magical indeed ! I was happy to be there and able to capture it !

  9. Hi iWalk,

    Studio Festi was fantastic, awesome ! Their performance was of pure arts and scientific synthesis , great magical atmosphere too !

  10. hi seen this scene that,

    The night festival was cool, awesome, thanks for your kind comments on my photos !

  11. hi embassy pro books,

    Thanks for dropping by ! Glad that you like my post and photos !

    It would be an honour if Studio Festi would consider selecting my photos for marketing or National Museum of Singapore that organised the Singapore Night Festival !

  12. hi nature nut/ jj loch,

    Thank U so much for your support ! 🙂

  13. hi eastcoastlife

    Thanks for dropping by and really appreciate your kind comments on my post and photos !

    It’s alright with the small digital camera, you were there and enjoyed the magical event too ! Being there watching it was awesome and priceless !

  14. hi milly,

    Thanks for dropping by ! Appreciate your comments, indeed, conditions there were very challenging, a great test for me !

    There would be more different events coming up for you to participate and enjoy !

  15. wow very nice shots to capture a night event like this one, it’s very challenging for me! =D

    Thanks for sharing! U r really good! 🙂

  16. hi there jinghui,
    greetings from Indonesia,
    it looks nice seeing the fest ^^
    great pictures too

  17. jinghui,
    I really enjoy views those photo, you are the professional in photo shooting.
    I look forward to view your awesome photos again.
    Have a good day, best wishes from coolingstar9

  18. Hi eunice,

    Thanks for your kind comments and endorsements !

    Taking photos during that night was also very challening for me too !

    Glad that you like it !

  19. Hi winona

    Nice to see you dropping by ! Thank you for your kind comments !

    Do drop by often and hope you enjoy my posts and photos !

    You have a great blog too, I can learn more about Indonesia from your site !

  20. Hi coolingstar9,

    Thank you for your comments !

    I am not a professional photographer …. just very strong interest and passion in photography.

    Do drop by often and hope you continue to enjoy reading my posts and viewing my photos !

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