Adventure at Army Open House 2009 !

The Army Open House 2009 is here once again, starting from 3rd September to 7th September 2009 at the Pasir Laba Camp, open from 9am to 7pm daily. This is a popular event for family members bringing their children to enjoy and learn about the 3rd Generation Army !


The weather today, 5th September was great, sunny weather and clear blue sky, it was a bit hot, however, perfect for all the activities and rides to take place without facing the constraints of bad or wet weather. There were 7 different worlds for all and they are

=> Our World => Mission World => Combat World => Battle World => Action World => Future World => Fun World

Do drop by the Army Open House 2009 Website for more information of the 7 Worlds !


I went walking around and taking photos, enjoying the fun and reminiscing my days in the military service whereby I am considered a 2nd Generation Army and the equipment and technology that all of us are viewing belongs to the 3rd Generation Army ! Overall, technology had greatly improved not only our daily life, it had also improved the fighting capabilities of the Singapore Armed Forces, with their high tech toys and equipment ! Lots of action at the Action World, saw 2 displays of Homeland Security Show and Red Lions Free Fall, Silent Precision Drill and K9 Dog Show, it was fun watching various performances !!



Went into Mission World and Our World, it showed the history and development of the Singapore Armed Forces, how much SAF had matured till today and the crucial roles, aid duties and missions that were taken upon with huge responsibilities and commitment around the world, helping countries in need or in support of United Nations international efforts and missions. Singapore showed the world that being a small country does not prevent us from contributing to the international community, and by informing Singaporeans on where and what the Singapore Armed Forces are helping out worldwide, it’s a great lesson for us to learn about humility, appreciating the things around us in Singapore, counting our blessings and to help out people who are less well off around the world.



Do drop by on the 6th and 7th September 2009 at the Army Open House 2009 and enjoy yourself, it would bring back many many memories for the boys !! For more photos of the Army Open House 2009, do drop by my Flickr Photos !!!


  1. Wow, Ben would be in seventh heaven here, he is totally into army games, although I’m not sure if I should encourage it! I am hoping it is a phase all 6 year old boys go through.

  2. Author

    Hi Milly

    Understand that games nowadays have a lot of those war/fighting games and it is a concern.

    Boys probably would go through this phase in their growth, good to nurture and guide them along the way 🙂

  3. Missed this because there was no convenient transport and it must be crowded.

  4. Author

    Hi eastcoastlife

    It was quite crowded, however, the shuttle transport wasn’t that bad from Boon Lay MRT to Pasir Laba Camp, probably depend on the time you went there also.

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