Cute Neighbourhood Cat

This lovely cute cat can be seen in my neighbourhood, having a great fur coat and colours.


I would always play with and pat my neighbourhood cats, they are very friendly, well fed and taken care of. Taking cat portraits is not as easy, they don’t lie/sit still. Would be capturing more of my cute and friendly neighbourhood cats !


  1. Such a lovely cat!

    Waiting for more photos of your doggies too!

  2. Author

    Hi iWalk

    This cat is really lovely !!

    Ok ….. I would take my family dog again !! 🙂

  3. Author

    Hi Your Daily Cute

    Yup ! Indeed very cute ! Would be taking more such cute photos when opportunities arise !

  4. Author

    Hi Mei Teng

    Thanks !! The blue background does give it a nice portrait effect !

  5. cute.. cats are like our pets in the neighbourhood.. there are so many of them around but they are well-fed too! If a cat can talk, I wonder what it’d say about life in Singapore. lol

  6. Author

    My neighourhood cats are like my “pets” & popular around here, well fed, groomed and taken care of !!

    If a Singapura cat can talk …… it would be in Singlish !! 🙂

  7. We like reading about Singapore’s neighborhood cats! It is a successful solution to the pet over-population problem. A very nice picture of a lovely cat. Say hello to it from us!
    Victor Tabbycat, Nina Torbie & their mom, Tabbymom Jen

  8. Author

    Hi Victor Tabbycat

    I love your cats !!! Would be sharing more about the cats around my neighbourhood !! Do keep a lookout !!

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