Arch of Rainbow Colours in the night

When the night sets in the sunny island of Singapore, there is an arch that emits different rainbow colours and lights up the roads and area around it..


This is known as the Alexandra Arch Bridge ~

The bridge, with its curved deck and tilted arch, spans across Alexandra Road like an opened leaf.”

Source : National Parks SingaporeĀ 


This bridge forms part of the Southern Ridges, one of the latest Singapore attractions for both locals and tourists, a stretch connecting different parks together and I was recalling my day and evening hike to the Southern Ridges Canopy Walk in May 2008, comprising of the Henderson Wave Bridge and Alexandra Arch.



It’s been a while since I went back there to take photos, finally I captured the arch of rainbow colours in the night ! For more photos, do drop by my Flickr !


  1. Author

    Hi roentarre

    Thanks for your kind comments !

    Yeah, the colours at night make it amazing !

  2. Oh, magnificent!

    I love your photos of all kinds of night pieces of Singapore.

  3. Wow, Magnificent!

    I love all your photos of night pieces of Singapore!

  4. Wow! Magnificent!

    I love all your photos of night pieces of Singapore. šŸ™‚

  5. Beautifully taken night shots. Makes me want to shoot those scenes as well. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Author

    Hi iWalk

    Singapore does have nice night scenes ! Would bring you around if you visit Singapore !

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    Hi seenthisscenethat

    Thanks for your support !

    Look forward to your night scenery photos !

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