Army Open House 2007

The rotor blade stands proud in the sky

The Army Open House 2007 was held at Pasir Laba Camp and it was a great festival of live demonstrations, military display and fun activities. I was keen to take a look at the Army Open House, admiring the new weapons and equipment the modern army have but the real attractive factor was for me to walk down memory lane. 

Main entrance to Army Open House

Arriving at the main entrance of the Army Open House on a sunday, it was full of life and people, from all walks of life and different ages and sizes. Many of them were climbing up and down the various military vehicles, the hot favourites had to be the Leopard Tank, Apache and the Chinnok. 

Crowds and queues at the highly popular Leopard Tank

Well, I also started to enjoy and immerse myself in the carnival and started taking photographs for memory sake. Though it was fun to admire the new military toys, I had the best part walking through a dedicated exhibition memory lane, a specially created “history museum” of NS 40. When I was inside, memories of my army days flashed back into my mind, the tough training and operational readiness requirements. Nevertheless, there were always be memories and unique items that would always make things funny and put my army days into my personal stories telling time. Well, I shall let my “retro” photographs walk you through a time machine:

A famous leaf

Remember the food ?

After walking through the memory museum, I went to visit 2 hills in the training area (very near to the camp). Walking up and down the 2 hills was awesome, relieving my training days there when I was undergoing NCO aka ISL course in SISPEC.

There were many people playing the various obstacle courses, confidence ropes courses, abeseiling and flying fox. Some others queued up to go through Mission and Battle Worlds in various military vehicles. There were so many other activities for many different types of people, even though I did not manage to visit and enjoy all of them.

Going “back in time” was memorable for me. Lots of memories and stories.

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