AYG 2009 Beach Volleyball Final

It was a sunday morning and Jack called me whether I was keen to watch AYG 2009 Beach Volleyball Finals, well, in the morning, I was helping my mum run an errand and couldn’t join them watching the bronze medal playoff. However, I was free in the afternoon and met up with Jack, Karen and Chin Song to watch the finals instead.


Upon reaching the beach volleyball ground, it was a great crowd, many spectators were there giving the final a great atmosphere for the boys and girls beach volleyball finals. The first match was the girls match between Thailand and Kazakhstan, when we arrived, the match was already ongoing and we quickly found some seats to watch while I took out my Canon DSLR and started snapping away. Thailand was a strong team and they won the Gold medal, a great sense of achievement and spreading of overjoy and emotions could be seen across the field when the coach ran forward to embrace his players.


Soon after, it was the boys beach volleyball between Thailand and Kazakhstan too, it was an exciting match to watch with the tall Kazakhstan players versus the highly agile Thailand players, their spiking and blocking were excellent to watch and it was a great pleasure watching and capturing them in their motion and movement on photographs.


The past few volleyball photography shoots were a great opportunity to improve my sports photography techniques and learning and honing sports photography skills and tips, on AI Servo and AI Focus, fast shutter, focusing points and knowing where to focus on. The weather was good until somewhere near to the end of the boys match, the weather turned dark and started raining, thus many people left without watching the medal presentation.


A great 2 fun days of watching high octane beach volleyball in action ! Check out more photos here on my Flickr !

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