Baybeats 2011

The night of live outdoor rock and roll music performances held annually at the Esplanade was back with a big bang, happened on 19th August to 21st August 2011, with a larger list of bands line up from different parts of the region, a time for rock fans to savor and enjoy the rock festival carnival.


While I wasn’t able to attend all 3 nights in a row, I was there on Saturday, 20th August, catching a few awesome performances from the local bands and the overseas bands as well. Growing up in an era of rock and roll music, missing my good old days as a teenager when rock and roll music was popular before the boy and girl pop bands took over the scene.


I caught the following bands there, from Turbo Goth from Philippines, Cheating Sons from Singapore, Moscow Olympics from Philippines and Buddhiston from Japan. They were great live rock band performers and the crowds loved them! They were electrifying, rocking and bringing joy to their rock fans and supporters on the grounds.

 Buddhiston rocked me out with their performances and singing, hearing that they are back in Singapore for the 4th time in 7 years speaks great volume about them, their support and love for Singapore! When they finished their regular time rock performance, the fans on the grounds were screaming for them to come out again for a grand finale encore and they obliged with a rousing grand finale performance for the fans out there!

A night of live rock music performances, it was great and I am looking forward to BayBeats 2012! Bring it on! Rock & Roll! Meanwhile hope you all enjoy some of the photos taken here!

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