NDP 2011 – From LeVeL33

9th August 2011, Singapore’s 46th Birthday, a day of National Celebrations, our National Day Parade (NDP) 2011, happening across the Marina Bay region, with the main parade and performance held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. Our NDP never fails to attract visitors to the Marina Bay area, with many festivities around different parts of the Bay area, watching the pre-parade performances and of course, getting a good spot for the beautiful and magnificent fireworks! The fireworks is always a major attraction for everybody, they all love the NDP fireworks at the Marina Bay!

Shooting Fireworks at Marina Bay for the past since 2007, I always have been an avid Fireworks lover, influenced by playing many   firecrackers when I was a young kid overseas during Chinese New Year Celebrations. Do check out my collection of fireworks! This year’s NDP 2011, is very special and significant for me because I was given the opportunity by LeVel33, a craft-brewery, restaurant and lounge, with such a magnificent bird’s eye view of the Marina Bay and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) who facilitated this special invitation and arrangement for me to go up with Mr Chin, another avid photographer to capture the fireworks.

I reached there at 5pm and was immediately mesmerised by the beauty, design and ambience of LeVeL33, gorgeous and classy, when I stepped out to the terrace, I was totally blown away by the beautiful scenery of Marina Bay from the 33rd floor, with an opportunity to dine, wine, relax and chill with your friends with such a magnificent landscape beauty. Yes, this is Marina Bay, located in the heart of Singapore’s CBD.

From the terrace of LeVeL33, I was able to watch the pre-parade performances from the Red Lions parachuting down from the sky landing on the Marina Bay Floating Platform, the Sea Hawk and Chinook flying below us into the Marina Bay, the National Flag Fly-Past right across our eyes and the F15 fighter jets doing the Presidential Salute, flying right above us LeVeL33. It’s really a bird’s eye view of the action and many customers at LeVeL33 are drawn to the terrace to watch the NDP 2011 action too! During my time there, I had made new friends the table beside me, had a great time sharing about my photography experiences, letting them try and hold my DSLR equipment setup and they had a nice time holding and posing with it!

While waiting for the fireworks to start at about 805pm, the changing sceneries from the evening sunset into the night from LeVeL33 is so beautiful, beyond words actually. Marina Bay Singapore definitely stands out in the world with an all rounded fun and action living and excitement. When the fireworks, started I was so happy to be able to capture it from such a bird’e eye view location!

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

Many Many special THANKS to LeVeL33 and URA for this special arrangement and invitation! Last but not least, enjoy the photographs on my Flickr taken from LeVeL33, you must visit them to enjoy the food, ambience and the gorgeous view of Marina Bay Singapore!


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