Becoming a Photojournalist ?

Photography had been a long time hobby since my days in secondary school, taking photos of my Scout Troop, the Great and Mighty Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scouts. I cannot forget the year 1993 when we celebrated our 70th Anniversary and I was involved in taking our Scout Group photo and the 70th Anniversary Celebrations and Campfire photos.Do take a look at our Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scouts Homepage

  • Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scouts
  • Recently, I was involved in fin-exis advisory (my company’s)

  • fin-exis advisory Pte Ltd
  • Grand Opening Launch as the company photographer and events team that oversee decorations on the track and field stadium venue at the National University of Singapore. I was part of the Guiness World Record Event set by Dr William Tan, who wheeled backwards for 24 hours. Being the company photographer with my wonderful assistants Raymond and Samantha helping out in back up photography and videography, we had a really good time taking memories into our hearts and soul. I would probably be writing more on this grand event once I received clearance over certain issues.

    Nevertheless, I had been involved in events photography, for both my company, my group of friends and wedding photography. I felt a burning desire to improve myself further in my photography skills and somehow or another, I could be a photojournalist and benefit from my passion towards it.

    Today, Christine looked at my photos of our recent Pulau Hantu trip and asked me a question that made me went back in time. I once aspired to be a National Geographic photojournalist. I pondered her words and was thinking hard whether and how I could go about doing it. Finally, I made a decision to keep it as a passionate hobby, probably go into semi-professional in the future.

    I was also talking to Jack (my colleague, unofficial business associate, referral, internet marketing guru) on how I could improve my travel log, generating interest, internet traffic and some benefits as well. After learning a few possible avenues, I would develop my travel blog into something more interesting with greater content, promoting 2 of my passionate activities, Photography and Travelling. Combining it together and becoming a Photojournalist.

    First and Foremost, I shall let my photos and travel writing do the talking……….

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