Pulau Hantu Outing on 3rd May 2006

Wednesday 3rd May 2006 Travel Log

This day was a very fun and enjoyable outing for the whole bunch of folks from our big family. It was extremely well organised by Andrew and Jerlyn. Big thanks and kudos to them for their great efforts to make it such a wonderful event for all. To all those who went there, all of you make it a memorable day for everyone there.

Sometimes, we don’t realise that our small country Singapore does have places of nature that are so beautiful and peaceful. We are able to see the corals and fishes so close to us in the lagoons.

Arrival Destination: Pulau Hantu, Singapore
Geographical Location: Southern islands of Singapore.
Place of embarkation: West Coast Ferry Terminal
Cost of sea transport: $160 for 2 way trip (boat for 12 people)
Duration of travel: 30 minutes
Number of travellers: 23

Wild Singapore has a detailed and comprehensive web page on Pulau Hantu, Take a look

Pulau Hantu


We were supposed to meet at 0900 hrs but due to some unforseen circumstances, we left at around 1030 hrs. Interestingly, we had to bring our NRIC for our departure from mainland Singapore and arrival back. We split into 2 boats and headed to our treasure island. On the way there, we saw the importance of maritime and shipping industry for Singapore, a huge area of shipping industry.

Upon reaching our treasure island, it was low tide and we could have walked across the lagoon to the other side of the island. Some of us were already exploring around the lagoon during low tide. We quickly settled down with our favourite national past time: Eating. After that, some of us were exploring, others were playing volleyball.

We were all having lots of fun, laughter, letting our hair down, relaxing and it really feels great to be away from the hectic city lifestyle for a change and from working life…… and be close to Mother Nature.

We soon settled down and we started Nature exploration (back to school days). Walking along the beach, into the shallow lagoon, we found fishes swimming so close to us, mudskippers, hermit crabs, prawns….. corals. Wading around the lagoon during low tide was exciting and we could walk towards the sea and enjoy the beautiful scenery and serenity surrounding our friendship island.

Groups started to form, some played volleyball, some went exploring further around the island, some just sitting back to enjoy the tranquility and peace.

At a later time in the afternoon, we were enjoying the hot sun and most of us were becoming “roasted”. We played Captain’s Ball on the beach and Beach Football, it is a big challenge to play football on a sloping sandy beach, we have become better football players after our game. Some went swimming, some taking a nap, some went to the breakwater and enjoyed the breeze.

Soon, it was near to 1700 hrs in the evening. We washed up and packed up, getting ready to return back to mainland. The boats arrived at 1830 hrs and we were on our way back to our concrete jungle …… enjoying the sunset along the way. Although the sunset was clouded, I believe everybody no doubt tired does enjoy the moment in time.

Arriving back on mainland Singapore, we proceed to Pasir Panjang hawker centre for dinner, seafood dinner, eat eat eat …… delicious……. yummy…… At the end of the day, 3/4 of the group continued their activities with singing at KTV ….. while I went home, relax and looked back at my wonderful (but very tiring) week consisting of our fun and exciting outing and a record breaking charity event.

Folks, let’s all appreciate and celebrate the friendship, fun and family buidling that we had build since June 2005 (especially my batch) and enjoy our Singapore’s Mother Nature.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

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