Bright Lights of Spring 2010 at Sentosa !

In conjunction with the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations in Singapore, there were different events happening across our little country to welcome the Year of the Tiger. Sentosa, a fun destination for both locals and tourists alike, organised a  very brightly lit event known as the Sentosa Lights of Spring 2010, to usher in the Year of the Tiger.

Asked around and managed to find Amanda and Choo Wee to join me for this event, all photographers too ! Met at Vivo City 1st for sunset shots from the 3rd floor viewing deck, the clouds weren’t ideal for a start, cloudy and dark, the sunset wasn’t “dramatic” enough for me 😛 … Nevertheless, we did managed to get some nice decent sunset shots especially Choo Wee & Amanda taking many photos at the viewing deck, I just wait for my sunset to arrive 😛

Thereafter, a quick dinner and we were off on the Sentosa Express Monorail to Imbiah Station, alighting and starting our photography walkabout adventure. The bright lights were lit up the hills, bushes, trees and walkways, performances filled the area. This event would last until 21st Feb 2010, do drop by and visit !

Exploring, walking, quite a few different things to see and capture on camera, while we were at Imbiah Lookout, looking at the Tiger Sky Tower, we took a break from the bright lights and shoot the Tower capsule from its journey at the top spinning down and I am pretty sure Amanda and Choo Wee had great fun with that while I didn’t take much due to strained neck from shooting fighter jets at the recent Singapore Airshow 2010 !!

Continuing, moving around, capturing more photos. Lots of fun before taking the Sentosa Express back to mainland and drinks + snacks at Bukit Merah McDonald. An awesome photography trip ending with chit chat and lots of sharing and viewing others photographs !

Do check out my other photos on Flickr !! Thanks for the fun time, Amanda & Choo Wee !

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