River HongBao 2010

The River HongBao 2010, an annual event in Singapore for the past 24 years since 1987, is back again at The Float @ Marina Bay, with many different performances and displays to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year, with performers from Chengdu City coming down during this festive season to perform and celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year to welcome the Year of the Tiger.

This event is something that I always looked forward to, allowing me to soak in the Chinese Lunar New Year atmosphere, lots of photography taking opportunities and fireworks display too ! This year’s River HongBao 2010 is not as big compared to previous years, smaller in overall venue size and there are carnival fun rides there too. However, it didn’t dampen the spirits and holiday mood, along with 5-6 minutes of fireworks to usher in the Year of the Tiger on the Chinese New Year Eve, it was awesome !!

On the Float @ Marina Bay, there were performances and displays, big crowds and lots of photography taking, popular with both locals and tourists alike. Even though it is Chinese Lunar New Year, from the different nationalities and race, everybody is able to enjoy and learn more about the Chinese culture and traditions !

Walking around, it wasn’t too crowded and there were enough space to take pictures ! After taking some photographs, I went to find a position to capture Chinese New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks and I am very lucky that there weren’t too many photographers crowding for a good spot and I found my position, in front of the Bay Grandstand, near to the ramp going down to the floating platform (closer to Esplanade), a highly priced location 🙂

Once fireworks started, I had a great time capturing the fireworks and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Overall, managed to get some nice fireworks shots, however, after reviewing my EXIF data and the fireworks photographs taken, there is still room for improvement and I would be able to capture more nice and excellent fireworks photographs.

Do check out my other River HongBao 2010 photographs here on Flickr ! Once again, Gong Xi Fa Cai !


  1. I wish I could have been there to have seen all of this for myself. Very nice pictures!

  2. Author

    Hi Paul

    Thank U for visiting my photoblog & leaving kind comments ! Glad that you enjoyed the pics ! Hope to see you back viewing & reading regularly !

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