Canon Launches “Try and Buy” programme for its lenses

A photographer would definitely (most of the time) upgrade their equipment over time and one of the upgrade would be buying more different lenses for different fields of photography that they are interested in and wanted to go into. However, do you as a photographer face this issue of whether this lens suits you or how this lens “fee” when you are using it in action ? Would you want an opportunity to test out the lens that you plan to buy before buying ? Look at the huge lens database in the photo by Canon!

Lens group shot

Photograph courtesy of Canon Singapore

Photographers, look no further! Canon is now allowing its DSLR users to try out popular Canon lenses before purchasing them in the newly launched Canon Lens “Try and Buy” Programme. The programme, which is the first of its kind in Singapore  for a camera brand, will be starting from 28 March. For a nominal fee, interested users will get up to two full days to try out their lenses of choice.

The Canon Lens “Try and Buy” Programme is an initiative by the company to enable its DSLR users to try selected lenses for up to two days and make an informed decision before investing in the perfect lens to suit them. This programme will be extremely useful for users who are deciding between the different lenses in Canon’s comprehensive range of more than 70 EF and EF-S lenses. While there is no obligation to make a purchase subsequently, Canon believes that this programme will also attract new users to its award-winning EOS photographic eco-system.


Photograph Courtesy of Canon Singapore

For full details including terms and condition of the programme, please visit the Canon Lens “Try and Buy” website (website going live on 28th March 2013). Users can also go to the website for more information such as the most popular lenses borrowed, the most viewed lenses, and new lenses included in the programme.

Personally, it’s very attractive, useful and exciting! You can get to try the Canon lens that you want/plan to own it! Do go and try it out, book to try your Canon lens and buy your Canon lens!

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