Celebrate 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil action with McDonald’s!

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil action is now moving into an exciting stage, group matches had just concluded and the Round of 16 is coming up next! World Cup football is one of the biggest sporting events worldwide and has a enormous following of football fanatic supporters. For us football fans here in Singapore, the live World Cup matches are played during midnight and early morning Singapore time. When we are watching World Cup football matches, we definitely need some food to accompany us throughout the excitement of World Cup football action!


Photo Courtesy of McDonald’s Singapore

McDonald’s is playing a big part in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, bringing in fun, excitement, passion and food to the football fans in Singapore, through different new and well-loved initiatives! The iconic McDonald’s fry has 12 original street artworks, selected from the works of over 500 professionally well known to newly discovered artists around the world! When you are dining at McDonald’s restaurants, do keep a look out for them! The specially designed fry boxes are also part of McDonald’s mobile app, McDonald’s GOL!, a new innovative augmented reality mobile gaming application that you can enjoy and have fun among your friends while watching Live World Cup football action at selected McDonald’s restaurants (38 of them) and enjoying Brazilian menu flavours concurrently!


When you visit McDonald’s restaurants, there are special new menu items featuring tantalizing Brazilian flavours and they are also available via McDelivery! You have to check out and try the Spicy Brazilian Beef Picante Burger and Sweet Chilli Lime Crispy Chicken Caramba Burger, available from $7.60 for an Extra Value Meal, while stocks last! Beside the two special burgers, there are the refreshing Fiesta Lime McFizz, Samba Spicy Drumlets, hot toasty Copa-Banana Pie and Brasilia green cone! Have them all together to have a Brazilian food experience to accompany you watching 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil! If you ordering McDelivery, there is a chance to win $1,000 in weekly draws! This promotion is applicable for orders made online and via the McDelivery app, at least $20 spent on food and drinks in a single receipt using a local Citibank Visa Card from 5th June to 16th July!



There will be a McDonald’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil weekend carnival happening on the 28th June 2014 at McDonald’s West Coast Park! Customers visiting the weekend carnival can get to watch drum and passita performances, football juggling challenges and futsal competitions! Do bring your children to have fun and enjoy the weekend carnival, there are exciting prizes to be won too!



Have fun watching the rest of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil football action and celebrate it with McDonald’s! For more information, check out McDonald’s Singapore website for more details!

* I would like to thank McDonald’s Singapore and Golin Harris for inviting and hosting us to a fun 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil football carnival weekend! *

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