Enjoy World Cup 2014 action with CP Foods latest quick bites!

World Cup 2014 is now starting to enter into its Round of 16 soon with the final few Group matches going to be played in the next few days. This World Cup 2014 had been exciting and fun, with many goals scored along with some surprises and disappointments! With World Cup 2014 being played in Brazil, the match timings are very late at night around 12am or 4am, moving ahead into Round of 16 and beyond. When the football fanatic fan is going to stay up and watch World Cup 2014 matches, it will be nice to have some food, snack quick bites, delicious and easy to prepare, that can accompany you watching the football action all the way!



Let me introduce CP Foods latest quick bites, ideal for the football fanatic fans! They are easy to cook and can be bought from nearby convenience stores and supermarkets! You can eat the various sausages on its own or you can wrap it up with bread and make into a sandwich! I was recently sent a nice gift of CP Foods latest quick bites to accompany me during World Cup 2014 and here are more information on the various CP Foods latest quick bites offer!

What are the foods that make up CP Foods latest quick bites that you can enjoy World Cup 2014 football action with?

With 10 offerings of tantalizing flavours, the newly-launched CP Foods cold cuts will provide you with the convenience and good taste as you cheer on your favourite teams. They are specially packed in microwavable bags to ease your convenience in food preparation ensuring you catch all the action on screen. The formidable line-up includes

CP Jumbo Bologna : Smooth and tasty ham made from fine selection of chicken meat

CP Black Pepper Bologna 220x150mm OL.ai

CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail : Bite-sized sausages that would be the perfect pairing with other food and snacks

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm OL.ai

CP Pizza Cocktail : Juicy chicken sausages that are marinated with high quality Italian spices and mixed with cheddar cheese

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm OL.ai

CP Chili Bologna : Tender chicken ham mixed with high quality spices and fresh chili peppers

CP Black Pepper Bologna 220x150mm OL.ai

CP Cheese Sausage : Chicken sausage firmly stuffed with cheddar cheese that oozes out a rich and tangy goodness with every bite

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm OL.ai

CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter : Appetizing chicken sausages that comes with great taste and a subtle smoky flavour

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm OL.ai

CP Chicken Vienna : Full-flavoured of high quality chicken meat marinated in aromatic spices

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm OL.ai

CP Chicken Sandwich : Savoury ham made from fresh chicken meat

CP Black Pepper Bologna 220x150mm OL.ai

CP Shoyu Sausage : Chunky Japanese-style sausage marinated with traditional Japanese soy sauce Shoyu and smoked with real Beechwood for an authentic Japanese flavour

CP Japanese Classic Pork Sausage : Chunky pork sausages seasoned with ginger and white pepper, smoked with real Beechwood for a rich and mouth-watering flavour

* Individual pictures of CP Foods courtesy of CP Foods Singapore and Vibes Communication  *

Stocking up on these delicious snacks and other trusted CP products is an easy win. CP Jumbo Bologna, Smoked Chicken Cocktail and Pizza Cocktail are sold exclusively at 7-Eleven outlets, while the remaining items are available at major supermarkets islandwide. For more information on CP Foods, you can check out their website and Facebook Page for more information and details of their various food range and varieties!

If you are looking for quick bites and food snacks to keep you and your friends company during World Cup 2014, do check out CP Foods latest quick bites!

* I would like to say Thank You to CP Foods Singapore for this special World Cup quick bites and Vibes Communications for the arrangement!*


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