Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival 2009 !

Dear Readers


Wishing all of you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2009 ! One of the well known Chinese festivals, it’s not just about eating those delicious moon cakes, drinking Chinese Tea and enjoying the sight of the beautiful full moon under the dark clear sky.


Just a bit of quick facts for my readers on Mid Autumn Festival, it is celebrated on the 15th Day of the 8th Month in the Chinese Lunar Calender, the mythical story of 嫦娥 and the story of the overthrowing of the Mongol Dynasty with pieces of paper written and hidden inside the moon cakes rallying the people to unite together.


Today, the spirit of the Mid Autumn Festival remains, it’s a time for family gatherings too, Singapore’s Chinatown was lighted up with lanterns and lights, along with a mass walk along the road with people of all ages and nationalities, holding lanterns on their hands. Although the scale of the Mid Autumn Festival 2009 wasn’t as big scale as past few years due to the economic crisis, people still take the chance to enjoy themselves with their family and friends !


Had 2 days of Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations, it was fun and a good break from the current crisis and gloom, the lanterns and festivities giving all of us a bright fire ahead !!


Check out my Mid Autumn Festival 2009 Photos on my Flickr !!! Do take this time to enjoy the time with your family and loved ones too, under the beautiful moon !! Once again, Happy Mid Autumn Festival !!


  1. 中秋节快乐!!

    Your Mid Autumn Festival is much colorful than ours! We only have some fireworks last night. 🙂

  2. Author


    Budget cut, less displays and lights than before ! Nevertheless, still enjoyed myself !

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