Chim Chim & Housen – Japanese Buskers

As part of National Day Festival 2007, a whole range of activities were planned for the whole month of August. One of highlights of the festival was the
Variete! Street Theatre by an All-Japanese street performers outside of Japan on 8th and 9th of August 2007.

It had been some time since international buskers came to Singapore and perform. I started to admire and like buskering performaces during my uni days in University of Queensland, Australia. Therefore, when I read about the Japanese buskers coming to Singapore, I was looking foward to it.

There were a number of performers lined up for the 2 days event but I only managed to catch Chim Chim and Housen in action. Profiles of the performers can be found on their website. I wasn’t able to watch all the different Japanese buskers during the 2 days and I hope they would bring them again to Singapore.

Chim Chim


I really had a great time watching the 2 different performers. Here are some of my photographs that I captured during their performance stint. If you like watching buskers in action, hope you like the photographs !

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