Chinese Lunar New Year 2007 Celebrations

Chinese Lunar New Year 2007

For this Lunar New Year, it was not so much action packed like before, hope they are not signs of getting older for me.

On the eve itself, I was with my colleagues watching the fireworks in our office building. After that, went back in the wee hours of the morning, rested for a while before sending my parents off to the airport. They were travelling to Tibet for a holiday and they had lots of fun with some awesome photographs.

Returning home, I “concussed” for a few hours before waking up and starting to visit my relatives. During these 2 weeks of Lunar New Year Celebrations, there were a number of catch up with my old friends, especially Nick and Ah Tong. Not many mahjong sessions, more gatherings that’s all.

As today is Yuan Xiao Jie, the last day of our Lunar Celebrations, it was good to reflect back on the wonderful holidays I had during the past 2 weeks. Moving on, I wished everybody does not need to use Lunar New Year Celebrations to meet up only during this period of time.

Let’s all make an effort to meet up regularly, whether is it your friends or relatives.

Wish everybody all the best of luck for the Year 2007 of the Pig !

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