Founder’s Day Investiture Ceremony – 3rd March 2007

Founder’s Day Celebrations

22nd February is our Scouting movement Founder’s Day. On this day, we would remember how our Scouting movement was born in 1907, evolved and arrived in our modern society today. Over 100 years and with the great magnitude of revolutionary changes in technology, societies and economies, the foundations of the Scouting movement never change.

Scouting had taught me many many many things. Outdoor recreation, adventure, life learning experiences and leadership skills are just some examples of the wonders of the Scouting movement. I personally feel that I have to give back what I have learned by “Paying It Foward” in a different way (and also finding more Old Boys to be involved and help spread the Dragon Scouting and Dragon Chapter movement), I set aside time to help out Dragon Scout Group in whatever ways possible. With our 85th Anniversary Celebrations in 2007, I look foward a great year of celebrations for all Dragon Scouts, Past, Present and Future.

Our Investiture Ceremony was held on 3rd March 2007. This was an awesome day for all involved. Our Dragon family extended its roots and we welcomed Gan Eng Seng Primary School into our big big family, along with our Radin Mas Primary School. We were 1 BIG happy family. After the flag break, our secondary 1 scouts were officially initiated into the Dragon Scout Group, along with the Radin Mas and Gan Eng Seng Primary Cub Scouts. Our leaders, teachers and parents of the scouts were there to witness this significant event and put on the sacred Red and Green Dragon Scout Group scarf on them. After that, the secondary 1 and cub scouts recited their Scout Promise and Law and we welcomed them all into the world of Scouting. Thereafter, Hongliang and Kevin proceed to put on the Red and Green scarfs on for the Gan Eng Seng Primary School teachers-in-charge….. The circle is complete.

What followed next was our Dragon Scout Group Grand Photo taking. I prepared my camera and equipment while the Scout Group prepared the tables and benches. It was quite a bit of challenge even though I had took a number of big group photographs. Nevertheless, the leaders, led by Scout Leader Ganesh, were great and helped me to organise the various different groups (cubs, scouts, ventures, leaders, teachers, old boys)together. We had lots of fun taking many different group photos (formal and informal).

When the group photo taking was finished, we proceed to take photos for the National Pioneering Competition winning tower and bridge teams, the leaders, teachers-in-charge, old boys reunions.

The cub scouts went to have fun in Abseiling conducted by our talented Ventures and Leaders. The Scouts had their fun in watching video of the recent Hawaiian Exchange Program and had their own games and patrol sessions. As for the old boys, we proceed to discuss on our mega project, 85th Anniversary Campfire Gateway, led by my seniors, Meng Hock and Teck Chong. All of us later got back together and we had lunch near the foyer, pretty much like last year 2006 AGM and Investiture Ceremony.

Dragon Scouting always holds something very dear in my heart and soul. No simple words can describe it. I am constantly writing and updating, the activities of Dragon Scouting whenever possible and getting more Old Boys and Dragon Chapter members to be more in touch with Dragon Scouting that they also held dearly in them. Passing on our plentiful life and scouting experiences will be beneficial to the young leaders, ventures, scouts and cub scouts.

Once A Dragon Scout, Always A Dragon Scout

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