Couple Kitchen Theme Photoshoot with Espoir Bridal

Sometime last year in December 2007, on the 22nd, I was asked by Dave Koh of Espoir Bridal to be involved in another photoshoot with the lovely couple that I helped out during the 3 photographers pre-wedding shoot project.

I was honoured to be helping out again and another opportunity to put my photography skills to the test again. On that day, we went to another beautiful home in the East of Singapore, a nice kitchen. Once at the location and chatting with the lovely owner, we began to set up the lights and props for the kitchen theme photoshoot.

We began with the kitchen equipment and layout, placing bowls, ingredients, sauces, cooking utensils and lights, while the couple started to dress up in their chef attire. While they were preparing their attire, we were also discussing on what we planned to go about with this photoshoot. In no time, we were ready to go “ACTION !!!” and began “Fire Away” with our DSLRs.

There were many different photo shots, using many different lenses to capture many different styles and images, some action and some portraits. This gave me a very interesting and great learning experience and perspective on how to go about doing an outdoor shoot.

We went to change from different scenes in the kitchen, from chopping onions, garlic, chilli, tomato, lime and carrot to garnishing a cooked orange crab. The finale before lunch was introducing the crab with garnishing on a plate to the little girl of the house and she was really pretty, sporty, jovial, cute and lovely, giving this photoshoot a memorable experience for all involved.

Soon, it was time for me to call it a day because I had to rush off to meet my overseas friend. For them, they continued with second phase……

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