Counting down to Chinese New Year 2008 – Year of the Rat

The year of the Rat would be arriving soon, ushering our Chinese Lunar New Year on 7th February 2008.

It would be a fun and exciting festive season of celebrations with lots of food, red packets, reunions, visits and enjoyment ! In order to fulfil all the above activities, the Chinese would prepare for the coming festive season early by shopping for various goodies, decorations and good luck plants.

Singapore’s Chinatown area today kicked off to an awesome start to usher in Year of the Rat. The traditional bazaars were up and running, brightly lighted decorations and displays were standing tall and proud along the 2 main roads of Chinatown. There were many people starting to shop for Chinese New Year and the atmosphere was great ! Imagine closer towards 7th February, it would really be lots more crowded and busy !

Counting down to Chinese Lunar New Year 2008 !


  1. Happy New Year to You all!

    An old Rat

  2. Thanks !

    Chinese Lunar New Year is coming up soon ! Do keep a look out !

    It’s your Year of the Rat !

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