Crossroads ?

I haven’t been updating and writing my travel blog as I promised myself and my readers when I first started venturing into the world of photojournalism. I apologise to my readers (if any) for not writing regularly.

There were many new happenings, work & career related. Am I at crossroads again ? How should I move on and continue ? Something intriguing that only I myself would know the answers….. (If you folks watched Band Of Brothers, there is one episode called Crossroads ……)

Some updates on my photography adventures ……. my studio protraiture class has to be postponed, would be waiting for the class to commence again. Got lots of tips on improving my photography techniques from Jeff (The Photographers Gallery) and technical help on lighting and monitor calibration. I got 2 assignments, would update when I completed the assignments. Looking foward to it, It’s TIME ! I need to move on to charging fees for my photography work (reasonable rates).

Looking for new accessories and another DSLR (moving into semi-professional level). Got a multi-function Canon MP530 Printer and Canon Selphy CP600, might print a few photos from home. If I need to do in bulk or professional printing, I would definitely go to KT Digital Imaging.

Their details are as follows:
K T Digital Imaging Pte Ltd
531 Upper Cross Street, #01-06, Singapore 050531
Tel/Fax: (65) 6425 0239 email:

Looking for inspirations, a niche area of photography that I would be able to stamp my name and trademark on ……. maybe a travel and leisure log ? Coffee table style photography …… in time , my work would come to light ……

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