Arrival @ Narita Airport – 23 May 2004

My backpacking trip to Tokyo, Japan, was a very fun and relaxing holiday for me. I flew there alone and stayed with my ex-colleague Evon @ her home in Araki, Chiba Prefecture.

Took Singapore Airlines, Flight SQ 998 from Changi Airport, depart 2340 hrs (Singapore time), reached Narita Airport (situated in Chiba Prefecture, 60km from Tokyo) in the morning, 0730hrs (Japan time). It was still very cooling (a bit cold) when I touched down. Narita Airport was a modern and hi-tech airport but they don’t have the lively nature of Changi Airport.

The real fun begins right here, I was supposed to find my way to the train station and board the Keisei line train and meet Evon @ Narita train station. So I went and walk around and found the timing on the ticketing machines, trying to figure out how to buy the tickets. I was so lost at that point in time that I did not take any photos around the area. Anyway, if I remembered correctly, photography was prohibited in certain areas.

Finally, I found my way and did not get lost on my first solo trip on the trains. Met Evon and placed my baggage in her place before travelling to Tokyo and that was the start of my holidays in Shibuya. It was an eye-opening experience to be away in a faraway country and assimilating the culture and atmosphere.

Had coffee in one of their cafes, thereafter, continued to be brought around by my tour guide Evon around Shibuya and walking towards Meiji Jingu Shrine.

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