Dave Koh Photography

Dave, a professional photographer, whom I had the honour and time to work with him on various projects in the past 2 years. He’s also skilled in videography and post photography editing too !

I used to support Dave in his projects as a back-up photographer and when he recently decided to revamp and rebrand his site, I waited eagerly for his new site to be up and indeed, it was something different and unique. Being a fellow photographer and helper, I would take this opportunity to showcase my support and give him the heads up in marketing and publicity.

Dave has a more artistic style of photography compared to my photojournalistic and events style photography. Do drop by into his website and take a look at his portfolio, even though we have 2 different photography styles, to create a unique photo album, it takes 2 different styles of photography to bring out the wonderful and beautiful memories and photos captured for the loving couple.

Ladies and Gentleman, presenting Dave Koh Photography

Congratulations, Dave ! All the best !


  1. Hi, JH, You always so friendly.

    It’s great to have a friend like you, I think Dave will think so too!

  2. Author

    Hi iWalk,

    You are also very friendly and great to have a friend like you too !

    Thanks for sharing !

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