James & Shirley ROM Solemnisation Photoshoot

James, a very old friend of mine of 18 years till date (since 1990), together since our days in Gan Eng School Dragon Scout Group, one of those who cannot resist making fun of me, along with our other fellow same batch of Dragon Scouts family.

When he approached me to help him in his solemnisation ceremony, I didn’t hesitate to help him since I had experience in such assignments before. Prior a week before that, met the couple, James and Shirley with regards to the schedule and guest list. It was a mainly family and relatives invitation, there were only 3 friends invited and both were key helpers !

On the 25th October, James and Shirley picked me up and we went to the make-up artist home at Mei Ling Street, where I started photographing the make-up process. In a bedroom, there would always be space constraints, luckily, there weren’t many people present inside and equipment in the room. Once I got started, it was a breeze for me and managed to capture about 142 photographs of the make-up session. I told Shirley, stayed relax facing the mirror and don’t worry about me !

When the make-up session was over, we made our way to Pasir Ris Park, whereby the couple booked a big chalet for their solemnisation. Once the couple changed to their gowns, we started to take a short walk around Pasir Ris Park and beach, for a short outdoor photo shoot session that would complement their solemnisation day, the couple were great to shoot, a joy for photographer, spontaneous and fun loving. Shirley is very photogenic while James can think of different themes and poses. We did the “Titanic” theme on the breakwater, “coconut tree” proposal and walking through “retro” times between a path of palm tress.

After that, we returned back to the chalet, rest and cool ourselves down before the solemnisation ceremony. After the Justice of Peace arrived, the ceremony started with the family members and relatives surrounding the table. It might be just another solemnisation ceremony for some, however, it was very touching to see and feel the happiness and emotions of James and Shirley.

Soon after, the party began, with the delicious Thai buffet and alcoholic beverages. The atmosphere was fun and friendly. The newly wedded couple were entertaining their relatives and busy interacting. Nevertheless, there were moments to capture too !

Thanks to James and Shirley for giving me the opportunity and the belief in my photography !

My heartiest congratulations to James and Shirley !

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