Day 5: Kota Kinabalu City – Senai – Singapore

Day 05

After reaching Kota Kinabalu City on Day 04 night, checking into King Park Hotel, I was busy bringing out my wet clothes to dry up in the hotel room, packing it only in the morning of Day 05, squeezing it into my backpack.

After breakfast in the hotel, all of us went to a nearby day market, known as Gaya Street Sunday Market, it was great to be walking around flea markets again, I always enjoy visiting such places, bringing back fond memories of my time in Brisbane and Sydney, visiting day and night flea markets. There were many interesting things on display, ideal location to find gifts back home for your friends, relatives and family members.


After shopping, I went back to the hotel to check out of my room, went with Mr Heng to find Yee Keat and Jovan. Thereafter, we went walking around Kota Kinabalu City, we walked straight along Jalan Sapuloh and Jalan Duapuloh, visiting Warisan Square, a modern shopping centre with nice restaurants. Crossing across the road, we arrived at a really beautiful marina promenade known as Waterfront, many cafes and restaurants occupy this location, making it an ideal location to sit down, chill out and relax while enjoying the peace, tranquility and beauty of South China Sea surrounding Kota Kinabalu City.


We went to explore around the area further, walking around Handicraft Market, Central Market and Wet Market. Many different trades and business operating around this region facing the sea, showcasing the modern and traditional business side by side in Kota Kinabalu City. When I was walking through the various markets, there were food stalls preparing and cooking their food (seafood, BBQ etc) and it looked really delicious !!!

After a while, we decided to sit down at Coffee Bean Cafe at the Waterfront, sit down to relax and enjoy coffee while chatting away, while waiting for the sunset to arrive, whereby we would get a good view from the Waterfront promenade.

1745 hrs – We proceed outside of Coffee Bean and looked out into the sea, the sun was setting down and we started taking photos of the sunset slowly coming through. We had a good 15 mins of photo taking before leaving at 1800hrs to head back to our hotel, joining the rest of the other guys for our coach to the airport for the flight back to Senai and taking a coach transfer to Johor Bahru and finally back to Singapore.

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