Mount Kinabalu DSG Trekkers

2007 is coming to an end, many things had happened in my 2007 calender. Some of the wonderful events that impacted me in 2007 were my involvement with the 85th Anniversary Celebrations, helping out in the planning and project management of the 85th Anniversary Campfire and Dinner.

Being part of the 85th Anniversary Mount Kinabalu expedition trip, I had lots of fun with all those who made the trek up together. Thanks for making it fun & exciting !

Keep a lookout for the 85th Anniversary Year Book…….

Onward Dragon Scout Group !


  1. yeah year end now.. I should get myself a overall review on my 2007.. hehe

  2. Yeah , take a nice holiday, relax at a beach resort, climb a mountain …. enjoy yourself before reviewing 2007…

    Have a Merry Christmas !

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