Discovering & Rediscovering B&W Photography

The art and beauty of photography began with the monochrome photograph, the black and white photograph. As time and technology progresses, from colour film photography to digital photography today, there was a huge transformation from how we used, saw, took, shot and shared our photography, our photographs. In my previous post on my Photography Thoughts for 2013, I seek to challenge myself further, exploring and going beyond my experience and knowledge in current photography fields e.g. events photography, travel photography.


While I had my strong areas in photography, I always seek to improve my current strengths, as well as learning photography fields that I haven’t really entered into e.g. studio portrait photography and black and white photography. In my networking and sharing with fellow photography friends, I started to discover and rediscover the art of black and white (B&W) photography. Some influences were fellow photographer friends Callan, Jingwen, David Teo and some photographers that I followed on 500px.

On my Facebook Page for my photography, TanGengHui Photography, I shared a status update, “Working on curating, sharing and photographing in Black and White“. This would definitely fit into my history and heritage exploration, in addition to my street photography exploration. That’s why I put the title “Discovering & Rediscovering B&W Photography“.

Maybe when I have my own photography exhibition, there would be a B&W photography segment. It’s like a dream, I am discovering and rediscovering B&W photography in my photojournalistic journey for 2013. On my 500px, there is a set on B&W photography that I curated, I hope you would enjoy visiting my B&W photography collection set. Now as I start upon this B&W rediscovery, I would continue to work on curating, sharing and photographing in Black and White.

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