My Photography Thoughts ~ Mahalo 2012 and Aloha 2013

Mahalo it’s Thank You in Hawaiian. Reflecting back in the year 2012 and thanking the year 2012, counting my blessings, the moments, events and things in 2o12 that I was given the opportunity to document and photograph down here on my photography site and my Flickr 2012 collection.

In the year 2012, I had very fulfilling times in photographing and documenting

– Heritage, History, Conservation and Preservation

  • Old Places
  • Traditional arts performances
  • Traditional business practices
  • Ancestors trail hunting at Bukit Brown

– Arts and Cultural Events

– Photography Reviews Opportunities

– Photography Contributions and Engagements

– Dragon Scout Group


As I welcome a new year 2013, there were thoughts going inside me whether I should or I would be writing photography resolutions for the year 2013? Reading Outdoor Photographer Magazine Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers, it got me thinking hard and deep inside my heart. By writing down what I think, plan, strategise and want for my photography in 2013, it would be my thoughts, ideas and desires for my photography.

Here’s to Aloha photography 2013

– Continuation of where I left off in 2012 in the Heritage, History, Conservation and Preservation, particularly Bukit Brown and Old Romances

– My own photography exhibition (where, what’s the theme, when – seeking, searching and dreaming my own answers)

– Sharing and building up my FB Photography page to share my stories and tips for my friends and supporters

– Taking more many different photographs and sharing here on Flickr !

– Curating and adding selected photographs to my Photography Portfolio on 500px!

– Upgrading myself to another level of my photography, in terms of skills, knowledge and experiences. The areas that I am looking at are lighting and portrait photography (indoor and outdoor), black and white (street and abstract).

– Travel to locations whereby I can go trigger happy with my camera

– Sharing and teaching photography

Would you like to walk with me in my photojournalistic journey in 2013 ? You’ll Never Walk Alone with my photojournalistic journey !

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  1. Good luck!

    Start of the New Year is a good opportunity to follow this blog. Keep up the great photowork!

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