Dropping by the Esplanade

The Singapore Arts Festival 2008 is currently going on and there are many performances and events held at different venues across Singapore.

The Esplanade is a key venue for the Singapore Arts Festival 2008 and while I was at the Esplanade and nearby areas, I went around and enjoy the Marina Bay scenery. Well, the sea was brownish due to the heavy rainfall in the morning and afternoon, many activities could be seen on the floating platform, with their lights switched on.

Folks, especially for my international readers, they are preparing for our National Day Parade 2008 in August……. for my local readers, something interesting for our NDP 2008 ……… Do keep a look out !

After enjoying the scenery and taking photos, I went around and inside the Esplanade for the Flipside events there held in conjunction with Singapore Arts Festival 2008 …….. Do pop by in the next few days and read about my write ups !

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