Earth Hour 2013 in Singapore

Earth Hour 2013 in Singapore, along with other major cities and towns worldwide, coming together on the 23rd March 2013 to be part of a global mass participation movement. This is all done in the name of climate change, protecting our home, Mother Earth. This year 2013, Earth Hour event was held at The Float @ Marina Bay, right in the heart of the Marina Bay. There were many events and activities lined up on Earth Hour 2013 and I was only able to attend just before the significant moment of switching off the lights from 830pm to 930pm.


Having seen, attended and participated in Earth Hour Singapore in the years 2009 and 2011, it was great to be back by being there in the thick of the action again. My roots and growing up in the Scouting movement was a great influence to me in loving the nature and outdoors, thus shown in my support for Earth Hour movement. The Singapore Scouts Association had always been active with the Earth Hour movement in Singapore  too and it was great to see them there at The Float @ Marina Bay.


The location/venue for Earth Hour 2013 Singapore was great, The Float @ Marina Bay was surrounded by tall office buildings, hotels and shopping centres, we can see the changes in the mindset of the vendors, business owners, building owners and stakeholders. They were supportive and willing to play a part in the Earth Hour movement by switching off their lights from 830pm to 930pm. Over the years, we had seen more participation and support and that is an awesome move. Everybody plays a part, no matter how big or small you are, whether you are just one person or one big organisation, we all can make a difference to saving and conserving. Even though Marina Bay strives on her beautiful landscapes of the whole Marina Bay lighted up, during Earth Hour 2013, the lights off by the buildings in the heart of Marina Bay makes it special and beautiful. During my time at The Float @ Marina Bay, I caught up with friends from Nature Society Singapore and had a chat with them, getting updates on their various activities and happenings.


It is important to remember that the Earth Hour movement continues beyond switching off the lights for 1 hour. We need to continue and Pass-It-On, the message of conservation and climate change, in our daily life, work and leisure activities. We must do this not just for ourselves, it’s for our future generations. I am here just doing a small part, photographing, documenting, sharing and passing on the message of climate change, conservation and protection of Mother Earth. Here’s to the pictorial memories of Earth Hour 2013 in Singapore!

Sometimes, the best and most meaningful messages are spread by photographs and memories. Let us all continue the power of Earth Hour movement!

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