Excuse me, are you an Artventure ?

The Esplanade is currently organising a visual arts display of a very interesting nature, by a young group of artists and the event is known as Artventure. It is an exhibition by the various different talents of young children in the fields of art and craft.

I was immediately captured by their artwork of toys, drawings, crayons, art and craft, paintings and dolls etc etc…. Probably the reasons (excuses) would be I have way passed my childhood days and I missed the carefree days of playing with toys and trying extremely hard to compose and do up a piece of art and craft work or painting (I am terribly lousy in art & craft work) and I am also feeling young at heart !!!!

There are many beautiful artwork on display by these talented children. I would prefer to showcase their artwork through my photographic eyes to do the talking.


Folks, do drop by the Esplanade, visit and admire the artwork done by the children, give them your support (turn back the clock, bring back your childhood memories too !!!).


  1. That certainly looks like a colorful event. Thanks for showing us these images.

  2. Oh! I definitely like art. I have my very own naive art at http://steptpg.blogspot.com
    Meanwhile, I am saving these photos to share with some friends!

  3. Hi Bobbie, it was a colourful event, very lively and fun loving since they are done by young children. I love yr “blue blog”, felt like I am together with the fishes in the ocean!

  4. great works here! ^^< cheers!

  5. Hi Ronnie, thanks for your kind comments and dropping by my blog !

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