Balinese Dances Performances in Singapore

Beauty of Balinese Dances ~ Legong and Taruna Jaya


A week had passed and life in Singapore is work and work and work, besides training up for the 42km Singapore Marathon in December 2007. Soon, I was back at the Esplanade again, watching the performance known as “Beauty of Balinese Dances ~ Legong and Taruna Jaya”.

The DA:NS Festival had come to an end on 21st October, even though I was only able to catch two of the dance performances, it was an enriching and cultural learning experience for me with the opportunities to take more photographs. I would not consider myself an artistic person, nevertheless, I do appreciate, understand and learn about different races, people, cultures and their arts, an area that I developed when I was studying in Australia during my tertiary days whereby I mixed with many different nationalities from all over the world.

Back to the Balinese Dances, it was a beautiful performance, you can see their passion and love for their culture from the moves and eyes of the Balinese performers. I was only able to capture photos from the 1st performance time slot from 1815hrs to 1845hrs, nevertheless, it had left me a great impression, the charms and friendliness of Balinese Culture.


After the performance, I went down towards the basement and found a interesting and unique display of art works known as “Artventure“. Do keep a lookout, coming in my next photojournalist reporting…………..


  1. Greetings from a fellow S’porean! 😉

  2. Hello Deb !

    Thanks for dropping by my blog ! You have a wonderful and colorful travel blog with wonderful photographs !

    Would love to read more about your travel adventures !

  3. Beautiful photos. They bring back fond memories of Bali.

  4. Thanks Carrie !

    Your blog is really wonderful and there were many wonderful photos of many different places !

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