Exploring Kallang Park Connector

It was a sunny day in Singapore today with a clear blue sky and beautiful clouds in the sky, the call of photography was very strong and I was thinking where would be some locations for me to go explore and take photos ? Initially, I thought of Labrador Park for sunset photos, however, after some thoughts, I decided to explore Kallang Park Connector after collecting my New Balance Real Run 2009 race pack at Novena Square.


Took bus 21 from Novena Square and reached Upper Boon Keng, alighted and started my short exploration and photography adventure of Park Connectors. From NParks Singapore, the Park Connector Network (PCN) is an island-wide network of linear open spaces that link up major parks and nature sites in Singapore, bring Singaporeans closer to nature and parks, for the recreational, leisure  and nature related activities.


Kallang River is an area of rich heritage and history, from its early days of trade and repair industries, followed by housing development and now, redeveloping into a new era of riverside modern living and water activities. The factories, industrial areas and early days housing were still around, giving it a balance of old and modern Singapore. The route to Bishan Park via the Kallang Park Connector was about 7.6km, however, I didn’t cover all and would continue the remaining at another date and time.


There were different types of leisure and recreational activities seen along Kallang Park Connector, fishing, cycling, running, walking and family and friends gatherings. An aspect of Singapore life that doesn’t seem to show the hectic pace of Singapore’s lifestyle, a peace and tranquil that I enjoyed throughly in this short hike with my camera. Do drop by and take a look at my Flickr photos !


I look forward to explore more Park Connector Networks across Singapore, either by foot or bicycle, capturing them on photos, enjoying the fun, leisure and nature, sharing with my photojournalistic and travel adventures in heartland Singapore !


  1. Thanks for the lovely photos and updates on kallang river/park. Really brought back lots of fond memories as I used to stay near the kallang basin (north bridge road) when i was little. And my favorite past-time was to sit by the window overlooking the river (in those days, kallang river/basin was used heavily by junk boats carrying goods)

  2. Author

    Hi Tania

    It’s nostalgic isn’t it ! Walking around taking different photos also brought back many memories of Singapore 10-20 years ago versus today !

    Glad that my photos & walkabout brought back fond memories for u, they are priceless now, only in our hearts and minds 🙂

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