New Gadget Review – Nokia N97


It was a great honour and privilege that fellow LG Photoblogger, Chester Tan, nominated me to take on the review of the Nokia N97 for 1 week and  test it out ! I must also thank Nokia and Mediacom Interaction for giving me this wonderful and exclusive opportunity to have a hands on experience with the Nokia N97 for 1 week and sharing my review and experiences with my readers.


The technical and hands on review would be displayed on my personal blog, the 1st post being Preview of Nokia N97 Review and an in-depth review to come. Do keep an update on both my blogs ! The Nokia N97 comes in a black box with lots of goodies inside, especially some cool stuff such as the Nokia Comes With Music (CWM) Service package, looking forward to the testing of Nokia’s CWM service .


How would Nokia N97 plays a part in your daily life ? In your work ? In your leisure ? Stay tuned and follow my photoblog and personal blog have a feel how the Nokia N97 fits into your modern and highly connected social media and working life !


  1. Looks nice… I’m a Nokia supporter.. 😀
    Heading over to your other blog now to see the review.. 🙂

  2. the Nokia N97 is super cool and very stylish. i bought two N97s, one for me and one for my sister. you cant find a phone that is more stylish than N97.

  3. Author

    Hi FHnet

    Agreed, it’s a nice gadget and Nokia N97 has many followers !

  4. Author

    Hi Cashmere

    Cool … A Nokia supporter ! Heh … I used to own Nokia mobile phones too ! Great mobile phones designs 🙂

  5. Author

    Hi Caramoan

    Nice to hear that your family has 2 Nokia N97 phones ! It’s stylish and suits business users 🙂

  6. Wow – isn’t technology great? That thing looks awesome!

  7. i bought two units of Nokia N97 because i like the style of this phone and also its features. Best phone i have ever used.

  8. Author

    Hi ps4

    Yes, technology is awesome !

  9. Author

    Hi Mike De Leon

    Wow ! 2 sets of Nokia N97 ! Cool !

    Yup, it’s quite a good phone to have for business & leisure use !

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