Explosion ! by BAM (Canada)

Folks, if you recall in my earlier post, after viewing the performance by Ojarus from Japan, I walked along the Esplanade waterfront and walked towards the Stage@Powerhouse, waiting for the next artiste showcasing their acts.

They were known as BAM from Canada, a great bunch of guys, really funny and entertaining with their drums and acts. They were crazy yet hilarious and there were lots of cheers and laughters, as their performances captivated us and captured the crowds support and cheers !

A really unique performance, great to see them in action and their drums performances, something different from traditional drum beats and performances. It’s a wonderful time for laughter and stress reliever for us, and it is really great that Esplanade has brought in many different and awesome artists to perform in Singapore for their Flipside event in conjunction with the Singapore Arts Festival.


  1. Looks like it was fun to watch.

  2. Yes, very fun to watch ! Hilarious and wonderful !

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